TDK ZCAT Series Ferrite Filters for Round and Flat Cables

Clamp Filters (Ferrite Core with Case).pngTDK ZCAT series ferrite filters are designed to suppress electromagnetic interference in the cable. They are characterized by an extremely high impedance value in the protected range, which provides the best noise suppression compared to existing analogs. ZCAT TDK filters are easy to use and install, they are two halves of ferrite, placed in a plastic flexible housing, which is connected by a latch. Filter is easily attached to the cable.

Installing the filter on a cable not only reduces the noise level, but also reduces the likelihood of errors caused by external sources of interference, such as power surges or static electricity.

For more details, see the article “Cable-latch filters designed to suppress noise in the cable, provide protection against impulse noise”, which presents experimental evidence of the effect of reducing emitted noise, as well as improving the resistance to electrostatic discharges".

LEPCOS maintains in its warehouse a full range of filters of the ZCAT series. 

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