About us


Lepcos (the company of North-Western Laboratory Group) is an Official Distributor and General Representative of TDK for ferrites in Russia and Europe.

One of the largest stock of ferrite cores and accessories in Europe located in Saint-Petersburg (Russia) and an advanced warehouse system enables us to deliver goods to the customer's plant, responding a query within the shortest time. 

Currently, we can flexibly respond to diverse customer's requirements and offer a wide range of soft-magnetic ferrite cores. We are proud of our buying strategy, which allows both strong leading enterprises and small companies to enjoy the same competitive, flexible pricing edge. We emphasize customer's interests from businesses to educational institutions and hobbyists, providing competitive prices by analyzing targets, great goods selection, qualified technical support, and all actual technical notes on our website.  



"The North-Western Laboratory" (NWL) group of companies was founded in 1993 (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) by a group of highly qualified specialists from Ferrite Domen Co (Established in 1959). 

The founder of NWL is Mr. Alexey Kunevich:

Ph.D. (physics mathematical sciences), a graduate of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University

  • Over 25 years (1968 -1993) of productive work at the Research Institute "Ferrite Domain." The Head of the Power Ferrite Laboratory for Televisions and Power Supplies.

  • The author of several books dedicated to soft magnetic ferrite materials, numerous scientific articles and publications

NWL has years of experience in coil manufacturing and soft magnetic materials supplying.

Among the key aspects having formed the steady demand for the company's product range on the soft magnetic ferrites market, one can mention the comprehensive professional approach to Consumer demands realization and the possibility of ready transformers and chokes based on soft magnetics providing.

2001 - LEPCOS is an Official Distributor for TDK (Epcos) ferrites.

2018 - Our company ranks one of the leading positions in soft magnetic materials sales volume. Such results allowed us to get TDK Sales Award as The best Ferrite seller.


Significant success in the quality policy of manufactured products is increasing, and real growth of supplied ferrite product range led to the reorganization of the NWL. 

  • LEPCOS LLC- the largest distributor of ferrite cores in Russia and the CIS countries. Official distributor of TDK Europe GMBH for ferrites in Europe

  • North-Western Laboratory STC LLC - enterprise emphasizing the development and serial production of coils according to customer's technical requirements (inductors, transformers, chokes, filters) 

  • INNOVATION CENTER (SZL LLC) - a resident of the Skolkovo Innovative Center and Ingria St. Petersburg Technopark JSC. The department is responsible for research and technology development and systems for the transmission, distribution, and conversion of electricity.

Number of employees: 150+