TDK PQ-cores made of PC47 are in stock

PQ TDK.png

LEPCOS company extended the stock range with the TDK PQ cores on the base of PC47 power material including gapped and ungapped versions. Power material PC47 is characterised by low relative losses at 120°С in comparance with other ferrite materials for power application.

PС47 electromagnetic characteristics for power application are listed in technical notes.

PQ Core  shape occupies a smaller mounted area, as a transformer, compared to the E-core and ER-Core. TDK’s original PQ shapes can be applied in transformers and coils for Switched-mode power supplies (High Mounting Density, Low Profile) .

TDK PQ (based on PC47) cores detailed description including dimensions, effective parameters and electrical characteristics  is availabale  in PDF datasheet.

Actual prices and availability in stock can be found in our online store.