New TDK PC200 material - low loss at high frequencies

pc200news1.pngTDK introduces new MnZn ferrite material PC200 characterized by low loss at high frequencies.The new brand was developed specifically for power applications and frequency converters, working in conjunction with high-speed semiconductor elements based on the GAN. The new material is optimized for operation in the frequency range from 700 kHz to 4 MHz. Maximum transmitted power is achieved with a switching frequency of 1.8 MHz to 2 MHz and an operating temperature of 100°C. Curie temperature exceeds 250°C. The PC200 is best suited for ring core transformers or planar topologies. The new brand is available in ER, EFD, ELP, EQ, I and RM configurations. The improved properties of the PC200 will allow the release of more compact power supplies in the future. At the same time, their efficiency is improved by reducing losses in ferrite. In this regard, the use of the PC200 brand contributes to a significant reduction in energy costs.

Main applications: Transformers in power supplies and converters working in conjunction with high-speed GAN-based semiconductor elements

Features and Benefits:

  • Low power dissipation in the frequency range from 700 kHz to 4 MHz

  • Maximum transmitted power from 1.8 MHz to 2 MHz

The documentation for the PC200 material can be found in our website.