TDK (Epcos)  produces 7 standard ETD core shapes. The advantages of ETD core shape using include the convenience of winding through a thick wire and copper tape, a large number of bobbins terminals  providing modularity in the design of a multi-winding transformer, as well as the easy coils manufacturing. The standard product range of vertical and horizontal coil formers  optimizes the location of the ETD-transformer on the PCB. A significant factor in favor of using these cores in new developments is also the widespread use of all  cores sizes in products of power electronics, reducing delivery time and prices. A wide range of standard ETD ferrite cores with a gap provides an additional opportunity to optimize the applied cores for the estimated required value of a gap.

ETD-cores dimensions

etd dim.png
Standard Size A
ETD 29 30,6-1,6 9,8-0,6 22,0+1,4 9,8-0,6 16,0-0,4 10,7+0,6 pdf.png
ETD 34 34,0+1/-0,6   11,1-0,6 25,6+1,4 11,1-0,6 17,5-0,4 11,8+0,6 pdf.png
ETD 39 38,9+1,1/-0,7 12,8-0,6 29,3+1,6 12,8-0,6 20,0-0,4 14,2+0,8 pdf.png
ETD 44 43,8+1,2/-0,8 15,2-0,8 32,5+1,6 15,2-0,8 22,5-0,4 16,1+0,8 pdf.png
ETD 49 48,5+1,3/-0.9   16,7-0,8 36,1+1,8 16,7-0,8 24,9-0,4 17,7+0,8 pdf.png
ETD 54 54,5±1,3 19,3-0,8 40,1+2,2   19,3-0,8 27,8-0,4 19,8+0,8 pdf.png
ETD 59 59,8±1,4 22,1-0,9 43,6+2,2 22,1-0,9 31,2-0,4 22,0+0,9 pdf.png

PDF data sheets on  cores and acessories are available when following a link according to appropriate core shape. 

Information for Ordering

These cores are supplied as single units.Ordering code is per piece, 2 pieces are required.

Example of EPCOS ordering code structure: 

N87 ETD29/16/10 B66358G0000X187 (ungapped)

ETD 29/16/10 - core shape
B66358 — Part number
G — air gap (air gap dimensions are given in (μm). Not specified for ungapped cores
87 — material N87