New IPH2 ferrite material for High Frequency tube welding

Impeder Cores for High Frequency Welding.pngTDK has introduced IPH2 material, which has lower reluctance than the original IPH material at higher temperatures. IPH2 material is tuned to have lower loss closer to the application temperature. It has a slightly higher saturation flux density than the well-accepted IPH material currently in use in the industry. 

Thanks to advances in technology and experience gained from manufacturing with IPH1 (TDK’s previous impeder material), the IPH material has been introduced on the market to provide higher efficiency, better energy savings, and longer lifetimes. Recent developments have led to a new material, IPH2, with improved properties compared to the previous IPH material.  

IPH2 material will also allow using an extended range of frequency compared to IPH material in welding applications. As a result of these improved features, IPH2 material will further improve the efficiency of the welding process.

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